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Advanced LIVE Masterclass

How to Schedule Text and Voice Campaigns to Generate Leads

You'll learn how to:

You'll learn how to:

  • ​​Strategically deploy campaigns that build rapport and interest fast
  • ​​Efficiently re-use templates with different lists and cloned groups
  • ​​Systematically label contacts and group audiences for future follow ups
  • ​​Leverage the in-app calendar to never lose track of a lead
  • ​​Personalize macro messages to respond quickly and efficiently
  • ​​AMA - Ask me anything and I'll answer it live
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About Speaker

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Kevin Hernandez is a real estate investing expert. Over the last few years, he's developed a unique SMS marketing strategy that’s helped him generate over $500,000 in take home income, and 50+ wholesale deals. We brought him on to share his secrets with you.

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